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Technologies & Expertise

Explore The Diversity of Our Possibilities and Technological Variations.

Injection Molding

Highly precise injection molded parts are used in all industries and becoming increasingly important. Tight dimensional tolerances and high decorative requirements are the key points in the customer demand at the forefront. To us this starts already during development and mold construction.


Quality is no coincidence.
To paint our components according to our high standards and customer requirements, we use 2 fully automated painting systems in-house.

Filming (IML)

The advantage of the IML process are clearly visible. It is the ability to decorate complex 3D geometries with high precision and great effects, BUT it requires an investment in stamping and forming tools.


The combination of injection molding and paint part manufacturing with direct subsequent component assembling enables cost-optimized production of the entire assembly for our customers


... makes endless injection moulding possible. A moving/rotating cavity can increase productivity and reduce machine costs. This patented technology by IB STEINER is game changing für the future of injection moulding.


This stands for "Computer Aided Research" in the HYBRIDwood sector. Here, the necessary foundations are created for the use of wood in vehicle technology and in other areas and thus ultimately to further advance the bio-economy.


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