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Automatic Painting

Depending on customer requirements, technical specifications and component geometry, we are using one of our two paint shop technologies for optimum surfaces. This means, we can offer the ideal solution for the best quality.

* Standard stands for Decor-, Haptic-, Effect- and Laser Varnish supported
  • Robotic
  • Cleaning:

  • Aktivation

  • Painting Method:

    2x6 Robotic
  • Lacquer Layers:

    2 layers
  • Coating System:

    solvent- / water-based
  • Paint Supply:

  • Surface:

  • Flatbed
  • Cleaning:

    CO2 Ionisation
  • Aktivation:

  • Painting Method:

    linear on 8 nozzles
  • Lacquer Layers:

  • Coating System:

    solvent- / water-based, UV-hardened
  • Paint Supply:

  • Cleaning:

    + High Gloss and Chrome Varnish
Two Different Methods

Two Combinded Intention - Perfectly Painted Molding Parts.

  • Robotic Painting

    On a fully automated painting robot system, we manufacture high-quality painting components for vehicle interior applications via an upstream power washing and ionizing system as well as 2 paint robots with wet separation. In compliance with all environmental requirements, water-soluble two-component PUR coating systems and solvent-based paints from different manufacturers are processed. The system design allows different process sequences such as priming, 2-coat painting or pretreatments by means of surface activation. A closed conveyor system transports the total of 100 rotatable skids after painting over an evaporation, drying and cooling section for quality control and packaging of the finished parts.

    Air-Conditioning but no UV-Curing

  • Flatbed Painting

    The fully automatic painting system is specially optimized for high-gloss components. For this purpose, the components are cleaned on the paint skids and pretreated with a CO² ionization. In two spray booths with 8 nozzles each, the parts are painted optimally. Both, solvent-containing and water-soluble 2K paint systems can be used for this. The lacquered parts are dried in the directly following fully automated drying magazines. A subsequent optional UV curing offers additional scratch resistance of the finished painted surface.

    A 100% quality control with correspondingly careful packaging is a matter of course for our customers.

    Air-Conditioning and UV-Curing

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