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Process reliability, cost-effectiveness and new functional solutions were the development themes for the EXJECTION technology presented by ENGEL and IB STEINER at the K'2007 trade fair, which was subsequently successfully launched on the market. While EXJECTION was initially still an alternative manufacturing process to injection moulding and extrusion, the combination of both processes soon produced components and products that not only offer advantages through lower manufacturing costs, but also result in innovative technical part properties with an USP.

1 technology, 2 processes and endless opportunities ...

+ linear process
+ rotating process

Economical, sustainable but above all endlessly innovative.

  • More length for a lower price

    The linear EXJECTION technology, characterized by a moving tool slide in the mould and by the use of small injection moulding machines for components with a length of up to 3 m, enables not only the production of functionalized ledges but also the back injection moulding of sensitive substrates, as required for IMD (In-Mould Decoration) and ISS (Integrated Smart Surfaces) technology.

  • Continuous processing

    On the basis of the EXJECTION endless technology, Continuous Moulding can also be used to produce injection moulded parts in high volumes with rotary moulds. The integration of upstream and downstream process steps leads to no loss of productivity, which is about 40 % higher compared to injection moulding with multiple moulds.

    The continuous injection moulding process can also be used to produce endless profiles with functional geometries such as cross ribs, snap hooks, screw bosses and wall thickness jumps. Such profiles cannot be produced in the classic extrusion process without uneconomical post-processing.

Both technologies not only enable the processing of sustainable materials from renewable resources such as biopolymers and WPC (Wood Polymer Composite), but also enable hybrid solutions from wood and plastics. In combination with the significantly lower energy consumption compared to conventional injection moulding, this is in line with the sustainability strategy of the EU, also laid down in the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations.

Heading to the future together.

HTP High Tech Plastics GmbH has implemented the EXJECTION technology in Fohnsdorf. Together with IB STEINER, components are developed and manufactured for interested parties with a high level of competence, using all the advantages of the EXJECTION technology to the benefit of our and your customers.

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